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The Future of Cyber Security: 24 Game Changers to Watch in the Next Decade

The Future of Cyber Security: 24 Game Changers to Watch in the Next Decade | Hillel Kobrovski | 15.12.23

In the coming decade, the landscape of cyber security will be significantly influenced by 24 major game changers. These include advancements in technology such as quantum and Nano computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the rise of services like multi/hybrid cloud computing and API platforms.


The key themes are divided into five main categories: 1. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enable advanced security. 2. Evolving architectures and environments to fit the challenge of new attack surfaces. 3. Recognizing emerging priority areas around user experience and Building integrated capabilities for prediction and prevention. 4. Global information security and privacy regulation to challenge the cybercrime and geo-politics cyber-warfare. 5. People-centric nature of security.


Technological Advancements:

·  Quantum Computing.

·  NANO Computing.

·  Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence as a Service.

·  Multi / Hybrid Cloud Computing.

·  Application Programming Interface (API) Platforms.

·  BIG DATA Analytics.

·  Automation & Orchestration.

·  IoT/IIoT.

·  Ultra Wideband Wireless & 5G.

·  Autonomous & Smart Machines.

·  Blockchain.

·  Instant Payment.

Architectural Shifts:

·  Zero Trust Network Architecture.

·  Digital Transformation.

·  Cyber Security Platforms.

Security Capabilities:

·  Proactive Defence through Deception.

·  Prescriptive Security.

·  AI-based risk management and vulnerability assessments.

·  Generative AI.

Operating Environment:

·  Cyber-Mercenaries.

·  Global Regulation & Standards.

Focus Areas:

·  Enhanced Customer Experience.

·  Awareness & Perception of Privacy.

·  The Human Factor.

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